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Friesians on the Farside

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Alan and I acquired our first Friesian in 1993, Sebastian, from Judi Knapp of Sisters, Oregon. Sebastian is 16 years old now. He taught us to drive and he loved jumping, hunter paces, and testing us at every turn. He is still active and energetic - in fact, he has come out of semi-retirement to drive with Harmen this summer, and the passing of several years mean nothing to him. He drives like it was yesterday! So responsive and go-get-em!

We bought a mare, Whitney-Lyn of Ca-Lyn, in 1996 and she was a pure dream to drive. She had three foals for us and they have all gone off to their new loving homes over the years, as has Whitney herself, who is now owned by Tam Christman and Sarah Pettit of Grand Island Vermont. They report that Whitney still is a born natural driving horse.

Lolke and Harmen joined the Farside in 1999 when they arrived from the Netherlands as a driving pair. They were outstanding. Although in appearance, very different, they drove together as one. With Alan as the whip, they have driven all over New York and Massachusetts at the Classical Breed Show, Equine Affaire in the Pfizer Fantasia for 4 years in a row, at ADS shows, Lorenzo driving show, two weddings, downtown Binghamton New York in bus and city traffic, and on trail drives through deep water and hills. Lolke is for sale at this time.

Why Sell?

We have been focusing less and less on driving in the past two years - time and finances are being refocused into developing several new businesses. It is a shame to have the boys standing around and not being used. In 2004 Lolke had a dedicated rider who worked with him regularly, taking him to several schooling shows and doing exceptionally well with him. But in 2005 she has had other commitments and we want him and Maurits to be active and used. They can't find their potential by standing in our pasture, although, believe me, we LOVE to watch them there!!

New Goals

My goal is to work more on dressage now. Maurits is WONDERFUL for this! Forward and not needing any pushing. But he is a lot of horse for an amateur dressage rider and so I will offer him for sale to the ideal home only, as he is a highly sensitive horse. In fact, it is possible we would entertain a trade for a Friesian with the same willingness, but a tad less forward....

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