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                                     All photographs copywrite Friesians on the Farside - Driving pair copywrite Jennifer Thompson - no reproduction without permission.

At this time all of our horses for sale have found loving homes.  Congratulations to their new owners.

Whitney-Lyn from Ca-Lyn 
Laes 278 x Minke O. ster (Tamme 276) 
DOB: 1-13-91  Studbook. 
Experienced show driving horse - singles,  
pairs, 4-in-hand. 5 healthy foals - 2nd premies.  
First daughter made star in '98. Shown here on  
the left.       $18,000 
Mare line: ster, ster/pref, model/pref, model
Silke - Petite from Ca-Lyn
Natural engagement!
Silke   (pronounced Sil-ka) 
Pilgrim 336 X Cayla ster (Laes 278) 
DOB: 2/97  Studbook 
Performance oriented mare with power.  
Started under saddle. Breeding co-efficient 1.56% . Mare line ster, ster, ster/pref. 
$ 15,000 
Chellis of the Farside 
Lukas X Whitney-Lyn (Laes 278) 
DOB: 5/3/00 
Very Nice, Long legged filly, 
of the modern type. Pictured here 
at 11 months old. She will be 
tall! Washes with high power 
pressure washer, stands in stocks 
for clipping and grooming. 
$ 10,000 neg.
DOB :  

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