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All photos copywrite, Laurie Kasperek. Harmen photos copywrite Katherine Crouch. No reproduction without written permission of the photographer.
MAURITS  - Born 1995. Sire: Anton  Dam's Sire: Tamme 
Maurits has the honor of being our latest addition to the Farside 
family. What an incredible horse he is!! Conformation and  
movement to die for. And the incredible mane, tail and fetlock hair 
of his famous sire. A true gentleman, Maurits arrived after a year 
of dreaming about him - and he far exceeds the dream 
Lolke FAN 'e HYNSTEBLOM - Born 1995. Sire: Oege. Dam: Wietske v.l. ster (Gerlof) 
Tinker embarked on his first trip to the Netherlands in February of 1999. It was a trip of a lifetime and we  
now have some wonderful friends. Lolke and Harmen were purchased as a result of his trip and have proved 
to be a phenomenal driving pair. Lolke received a 1st premie in 1995 and was scheduled to show at the 1999 
Stallion keuring until his semen quality was not high enough. Lolke is the most flexible Friesian I've ever  
encountered and has a rollicking trot and canter! In 1999 he had one of the top two highest linear scores for 
geldings in N.A. and made 1st premie star. 
H ARMEN - Born 1994. Sire: Leffert. Dam: Harmkjen ster (Peke). 
Harmen...what can we say about Harmen?? He's impressive!! Harmen was bred by Mr. Jelle Bouma, known as "the man of the golden whips." Harmen made it through the second round of the Stallion keuring at Leeuwarden two years in a row, earning valuable preferent points for his dam, Harmkjen. Harmkjen's mare line is entirely ster and preferent, and his grand-dam just made Prestiemoeder (Performance Dam) in 1999. Harmen and Lolke have already started their show and exhibition career, showing pairs at the ADS Lorenzo Driving Competition, the Sussex County Fair, The Northeast Classical Breed Show, and Equine Affaire. 
W HITNEY-LYN - Born 1991. Sire: Laes. Dam: Minke O. ster (Tamme). In 1996 we embarked on a search for another horse to match Sebastian for pairs driving. We weren't looking for a mare, but from the first, it was hard to tell which was which in the pair. Of course, Whitney came back to New York State with us. Whitney's first foal, a filly by Ids, named Kissimee, went ster in 1998. Her second foal was the first FHANA raffle foal that was on display with her at Equitana in 1996. Whitney is a superb mother and has proven to be a very fertile and strong breeding mare. She rides and drives singles, pairs and has shown in a 4-in-hand at Walnut Hill in New York. 
SEBASTIAN - Born June 1, 1989 Sire: Bendert. Dam: Freda ster (Willem vb) 
Sebastian arrived in New York State from Sisters, Oregon in 1993. As a youngster Sebastian was trained to do tricks by Mr. Clay Maier and quickly earned himself the affectionate name of "The Almost Great Trick Horse!" He still remembers this training and will get up on his box, free jump, and lay down on command. These days he loves a good hunter pace, has shown in single and pairs driving and loves to jump. One of his most striking features are his large kind eyes. He has the honor of starting our addiction to the Friesian horse! 
CHELLIS  OF THE FARSIDE - Born May 3, 2000. Sire: Lukas. Dam: Whitney-Lyn (Laes) 
This gorgeous young filly is going to be tall! She has long elegant legs and a sweet trusting face. Her birth took a grand total of 7 minutes and she was ready to take on the world immediately. She is athletic like her sire and will be a great riding horse for a future owner! As a yearling she is already as tall as our 4 year old mare!  
SILKE - Born February 6, 1997. Sire: Pilgrim. Dam: Cayla From Ca-Lyn ster (Laes). 
Silke arrived at our farm from Ca-Lyn in New Jersey in the fall of 1997 as a 9 month old to become Shakespeare's companion. From the first, they have been inseparable and even looked like one horse while cantering side by side around the arena. Silke is a performance oriented, bold mare who will excell in the sport world. Like all our horses, she bathes with a power washer, clips, leads and stands for the farrier. She has begun her saddle training and has excelled at free lunging in the round pen. She has three generations of ster mares behind her and is an incredible mover, has loft and extension with fabulous rear power. 
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